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There is no denying that a beautifully designed pool can add so much impact and value to a South Florida home. So if you are
considering having a pool built in your property, make sure you hire only the pros to do the job!
The Pool Building Pros: Pool Installation South Florida
Backed with years of experience in the pool building business, our experts at Pool Installation South Florida are considered as some of the most qualified pool contractors South Florida could provide. Our builders are committed to bringing complete satisfaction; we are not satisfied until you are!

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Working with unqualified and inexperienced contractors, you may get hog-tied from enjoying your backyard paradise. Not with us! We are bonded, insured, and compliant with the Pool Building South Florida Codes. When you decide to hire us, you will only be working with pool General Contractor South Florida with credible reputations! Rest assured that you get the most efficient and value-for-your-money services from the beginning to the completion of the project. Expect nothing but excellence and expertise on the following steps to building your very own pool paradise:
Design Conception
During our initial consultations, you will be working with distinguished pool designers to brainstorm options available for you and features for your pool. You will be shown several photos, videos, and models to help you pick out what suits you best. Designs would greatly depend on the available budget and the site’s location. This process usually takes a week or two since obtaining a survey of the proposed pool area has to be made. Once the site has been measured and assessed, a detailed computerized rendering of the pool will be created using the latest 3D technology. The 3D designs will be shown to you for your review and approval.
Site Preparation
The moment the designs and design details have been agreed on, our contractors will work on your permits. Clients are only required to submit any documentation necessary to help the contractors obtain permits. When the permit is ready, our team will begin preparing the South Florida Home Builder where your pool will be. Our crew will carefully and accurately layout the perimeter of your pool. After which, we will start the digging!

This is the part when the pool starts taking shape. Contractors will begin building the structure of your pool, plumbing, tiling, and installing pool equipment. Our builders use the latest tools and equipment for better efficiency. We also guarantee that our builders properly handle heavy equipment and machinery to ensure that your property does not get damaged during the duration of the construction.

Pool Preparation

Before pools are filled with water, we first have inspectors check the structure for its safety. Once the pool passes safety requirements and has been cleared, it will be chemically treated, prepped with a waterproofing agent, and cleaned. Our team will also be working on the pool interior’s finishing touches during this stage.


Your pool is almost ready! In this phase, your pool will be filled with water. Chemicals will also be added to balance the water. A balanced pool has the right total alkalinity level, pH, total dissolved hardness, calcium hardness, and stabilizer. Balanced pool water is considered safe, clean, healthy, and comfortable to swim in. Our pool experts will care for your pool for roughly 30 days.

Pool Protection

This is when our pool contractors schedule appointments with you to teach you how to independently operate and care for your pool. You will also be provided with a maintenance kit and instructional materials.

You probably have already noticed that building a beautiful and functional pool is tedious and requires attention to detail. With Pool Installation South Florida, your pool is in great hands!


We are excited to hear your great ideas for your pool. Contact Pool Installation South Florida through phone and get a no-obligation estimate.